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GB WhatsApp is a version of WhatsApp that lets you access a huge amount of additional features. Now you can do almost anything to your Whatsapp chats, including setting up auto-replies for when you don't want to check your phone or creating a full log of connection times and log-off times for any of your WhatsApp contacts.

Another interesting feature of GB WhatsApp is the option to completely personalize your WhatsApp interface almost any way you want. Switch up the background interface color, as well as the background for each of your sent and received messages. Of course, you can also use any background image you want for each of your WhatsApp chats.

One of the most interesting options that GB WhatsApp provides is the ability to block off access to chats by requiring a password. Now if anyone grabs your smartphone, they won't be able to open up your private conversations. You'll be the only one to access those chats with certain contacts.

GB WhatsApp is a very unique chat app that has loads of add-on features to your standard WhatsApp chats, many of which are tremendously interesting.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.1 or higher required.

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